An Open Letter to My Church


February 16, 2015 by Isaac Hovet

A Letter to Cottage Grove Faith Center—

Hello wonderful Jesus Followers of South Lane County.

I write with a sense of joy. You are learning to follow Jesus and allowing God more and more access to your lives. This makes me so very happy to be your pastor. It isn’t easy to follow God in the midst of our semi-moral, pluralistic and media saturated world.

But, you’re doing it. You’re saying yes in faith to God. I see it.

I see it on your tear stained faces as we worship God together.

I see it on your joy filled face as we fellowship together.

I see it on your tired faces after we’ve served long and hard together.

I see it on your concerned faces when you express your desires and hopes for the future.

I see it on your repentant faces when you’ve confessed your sins and turned to God’s much better ways.

I see it on your laughing faces when you’re learning to be his kid and to experience the deep joy of being yourself.

I see it on your prayerful faces when you’re contending for a loved one to turn to Jesus.

I see it on your grieving faces as you sympathize and empathize with those who have lost, who are pained and who are distraught.

Several families have approached me in the last few months to confess that they haven’t been handling money God’s ways. They and over 75 other people are taking the time to go through FPU. It is amazing what is happening in the lives of these family’s as people trust God with their resources. As they learn to be good stewards and refuse to the myth of being owners, their lives are changing.

I am proud of you.

Last year our weekly Sunday service attendance increased by 7%. I am happy for that. I am happy that more people are coming to experience the love, the faith, the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. This increase isn’t a tribute to me, to our facility or even to what we offer as a church. Instead, it is evidence of God’s grace and his continual love for the people of South Lane County.

When we respond to God and give him our time and our resources, good things happen for the kingdom. Thank you for giving. Thank you for serving.

Imagination Time

Let’s imagine together…Imagine with me your middle or high schooler having a team of trained adults who walk life alongside them. These people help them to know Jesus, help them know God’s Word and help them discover the joy of loving and serving others. Imagine our high schoolers having a strategically planned and well overseen gathering time to learn more about Jesus. Imagine our middle school ministry expanding with both fun events and more boys and girls small groups.

Imagine consistent leadership for our youth ministry. Imagine teens being mentored to follow Jesus. Imagine our church building filled with teenagers who are eager to follow Jesus. Imagine the what it would be like to see more and more teens released into ministry and to be captivated by Jesus at an early age.

This year we have hopes of bringing on an associate pastor who would focus on our youth ministries. Would you pray with me? I am praying that God would provide the resource and the right person for this position. I am praying for someone who is called by God to equip leaders for our youth.

We envision more and more families becoming a part of our church. Jesus is calling people back to himself and we want to be ready to care for these people well. Thank you for investing in our future.

Thank you for following the call of God on our church. We are connecting all generations to God’s grace through generosity, humility and fun!


The future is ever so bright when we follow him!


One thought on “An Open Letter to My Church

  1. Lonna says:

    Thanks for bringing the FPU series to our church. definitely opens your eyes on managing money.

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