Fiddler on the Roof or The Best Community I’ve Experienced


April 23, 2014 by Isaac Hovet

My wife and I tried out for Fiddler on the Roof at our local theater. Surprisingly, we were cast as Tziedel and Motel. We’ve spend the last few months rehearsing, singing, dancing and now performing with this amazing cast and crew.

Even a Poor Tailor Square Crop

“Even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness!”

Although the show has been a brilliant success (all 13 shows totally sold out), our experience has been astounding because we’ve experienced a “thin space”— place and space where the divide between heaven and earth seems smaller than usual.

In attempt to express my experience to the cast and crew, I penned the following. I am learning what true and full community can feel like. And now I’m dreaming of recreating these experiences with and for others:

Dear Fiddler on the Roof Cast and Crew

Some words typed in an attempt to convey meaning beyond what words can say:

“True community” is the art of friendship and accomplishment wherein we find shared humanity. We see ourselves in the faces of others: their struggles, insecurities and hopes. And we find our uniqueness: what we bring, how we contribute, how we make or shape the effort, the cause or task. We build bridges of connection over ravines previously thought too daunting. We become a force when true community happens: a synergistic mass that undoubtedly could accomplish greater efforts than any individual foresees.

We’ve become that community. We’ve found the magic existent among diverse peoples who find commonality in the task chosen and then wide acceptance of the humanness among us.

As a shaper of community, as a leader of community and as a dreamer of tighter, fuller, more inclusive community, as a minister of the love of God, as a person of optimism and smiles, carrying a given name that means “laughter” I idealistically envision what we’ve experienced over the last few months: a beautiful mashup of talent, effort, art, smiles, laughter, acceptance, ages, genders, backgrounds and families.

I’ve told Donia time and again, “we’re living the dream.”

I’m sure (says the optimist) there will be moments, seasons, efforts and accomplishments ahead that compare or perhaps even, out-do Fiddler of 2014, but for me this has become the standard by which future community experiences will be measured.

Perhaps you’ve found this normally and usually. Or, perhaps you’re in awe of all this has been like myself. If this is the norm for you, please invite me to wherever it is that you’ve become accustomed to such beauty. I’d love to experience and learn again…and again…and again.

For now, with 4 shows remaining, I am taking Ron’s lovely advice and seeing each of you. I’m seeing your talent on display on-stage, but even more I am seeing you for the person you are. As I told Paul, “I’ve got this insatiable desire to know others.” I love knowing you all.

If I can remain in your life beyond theater, beyond the show and beyond Fiddler, know that I count that a privilege. As Ward has taught me to say, “You’re beautiful…”

Each of you. Beautiful.

Isaac (happily learning through Motel that uncertain outcomes is where faith is truly expressed and miracles happen)

Fiddler Cast Photo


2 thoughts on “Fiddler on the Roof or The Best Community I’ve Experienced

  1. Deborah Tillson says:

    Beautiful and a true example of what the world is longing for in community and relationship. This is the good stuff life is made of! This is what life should look like on a regular basis. This is why I’m in the “relations business”!

  2. peg maor says:

    This is so wonderful because it’s a perfect example of what community theatre should be all about. You have hit the nail on the head with how I wish it always could be. We have been blessed with a loving, kind, giving, happy group of people. This experience will go down as a most memorable for me. Not because it’s a success financially for the theatre, though that is a wonderful thing, but because of the love that we have shared within our little village. I feel so glad to have been a part of it Isaac. It just doesn’t get better than this.

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