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January 8, 2014 by Isaac Hovet

I hear many people say things like, “I am not getting fed” or this isn’t deep enough or isn’t spiritual enough. In our consumeristic age of more and more and more, we think that growth comes as a result of some newly packaged piece of information.

I am happy to report the most spiritual thing we can do is live for others and to invite them to the basic, bottom line truth of God’s word: God loves them. They don’t deserve it and can’t earn it, but the truth remains. Subsequently, they can live with purpose, hope, freedom and love! And, yes, God is going to mess with us all and take us deeper, but remember what Paul says (paraphrasing 1 Corinthians 13-14):

I can be as spiritual and eloquent and deep as the angels, but if I don’t have love, I am an annoying gong, simply announcing my misplaced awkwardness when all the world needs is the love of God expressed through my actions and attitudes! Allow love to be the main thing, the big thing, the target!

Charles Spurgeon, rejecting the notion that preaching should somehow change according to cultural whims, famously said:

I am content to live and to die as the mere repeater of Scriptural teaching.

Me too.


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