RetroPost: Triad . . . Trinity . . .


April 9, 2013 by Isaac Hovet


Periodically, I am posting some blog entries from the past. Here is a post from 2005. Enjoy!
This is a glimpse into some fun I had today:

Some other leaders that I know have recently gone through a course on “coaching.” Coaching is a leadership/mentoring technique that creates an environment/platform for people to achieve goals, etc.

In order to practice this technique several people have been placed into groups of 3 (triads). 2 people practice the dialogue and question asking and one observes. Everyone gets feedback.

Anyway. I got an email from a leader asking what triad I was participating in. I started a normal reply, but suddenly, I wrote as if I were Jesus:

I am with: The Father and the Holy Spirit.

We aren’t a new triad, but an old one . . . we have existed from the beginning . . .

It gets a little confusing because I and the Father are one, but I (we) will send one after me (us).

He will be your comforter, but don’t forget that I too will be with you even to the end of the age. Alas, I know the riddle got longer when I ascended to be with the Father, but I did have to go where you can’t yet (to make preparations for your arrival), but don’t forget that in spite of my absence I am in you and you in me (you little Christ, you)

Our triad coaching meetings get a little confusing sometimes too. I will be speaking (on the Father’s authority of course), but its not like I can do anything but with his approval, so I don’t even know why I am talking in the first place. Of course, the Holy Spirit is constantly muttering in other languages, which, in spite of being the Son of God, gets a little difficult to understand. So, when he wants some “coaching” I don’t answer his questions, but tell abstract stories (having mostly to do with farming and servants and masters). Now, you had better be paying attention when the Father speaks. When he thunders and storms I quiet his his fury (even the wind and the waves obey), but so often it is in the quiet when he really speaks his mind. As you can see this whole coaching business isn’t easy.

You may be aware that some have tried to add my mom to this triad, but don’t you think that we are complex enough? I can’t imagine her petitioning us with the prayers of saints during one of our meetings. The HS would want to leave to comfort the hurting, I might have to hasten my return and the Father might start raising his voice (and change his mind about the pre-trib rapture). In the least the HS would start something on fire, at which we might all start laughing . . . and never mind, that already happened in Toronto.

Well, I just wanted to update you with the progress of our triad. And by the way, all those silly metaphors that people are trying to label us with? Yeah, those don’t even begin to describe our complex . . . ahem . . . I mean complexity.

So, whether as one, all three, coming or going, inside or out . . . know this: We love you all.

THE Triad


5 thoughts on “RetroPost: Triad . . . Trinity . . .

  1. Mrs. Ferry says:

    Hey, that was pretty cool. I like that Triad. Very well written. This Triad has been revealed to my husband in a very awesome but simple way, I love it when he explains it. I want him to tell it to you sometime. Maybe he already has, it makes sense and is very powerful. God is so simple, it is us that makes it confusing. Not that God is just this simple “idea” or “thing” or “spirit” or “entity”, but we can get it, He just needs to reveal it, that is when it is powerful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I see you take your membership in Christian Culture VERY seriously. 😉

  3. Bridger says:


    I am confused by that comment.

  4. clmuandahs says:

    I loved this! This very much captures His wonderful humor…you little Jesus you. Thank you for hearing and writing what you heard!

  5. Grammy says:

    Pretty interesting…pretty cool. I know our God is holy but I love seeing His relationship with us as WITH us. Relating TO us. In ALL different ways. Laughing in Toronto…that was good…

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