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May 22, 2006 by Isaac Hovet

I am motivated to say that I love him. I need him. I want to be more like him. And I want others to know this love. This grace. This love. This freedom. This mercy. This reconciliation. How great it is to be loved. To be forgiven. To have a future.

And now, Jesus…help me to be you ambassador in every way . I want to proclaim you. I pray that my family would see you through me. I pray for grace in stressful times. I pray for wisdom in every way. Should we pursue a second car? If so, would you mke it so obvious to us, please? Never let me stray. Never let me stray. Never let us stray. I pray that our children woujld follow you for all of their days and that they would know that they are loved. That they would know that they are forgiven. That they are free to be themselves. As we struggle with a strong will I pray that you would help us to temper the selfishness, but that we would break the spirit. I need so much grace. I need so much of you. I pray that all this day I might experience you. And all of every day. I pray that I would have a great time with my kids this afternoon. I pray that we would be able to experience adventure and play together.

And I pray that my wife may know your grace and love through me. I pray for sweet times of conversation. I pray that we would be able to have a great time to get away on our vacation in June. I pray that we would be refreshed in every way while we take time with the family. And I pray for peace.

And I pray for my ministry. That young people would be refreshed. That young people would fall in love with you. That they would be able to have fun as your children. That they would pursue you with all of their lives. That we would laugh in your presence. That we would be freed from the bondage of the past and propelled into the future with you. I pray that these young people would sense you in every way. As we minster, as we play and as we challenge them. I pray that we would be a prohetic voice. I pray that we would point to the ways in which they need to change and to be different. I pray that they would respond to our leadership. And I pray that many would come to know you. We ask for a move of your spirit. We ask that you would change hearts and values and priorities. Be glorified. In all things.

I wish to become the man that you would like me to be. Help me. Speak to me and give me your grace.


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