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November 17, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

What do I think that discipleship is? I am listening to a speaker name “Shannon” right now. He is a youth pastor and overseer of Master’s commission in Puyallop, WA. People change their lives and discipline themselves to be like Jesus within community. They don’t change outside of community and without others showing them and leading them daily. Here are the 8 things (four passive personal and four active social) that he would like for us to embrace:

  1. Spiritual Inadequacy: We must find the Christ angle – blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. The person who is absolutely depended on God is the one who is experiencing kingdom values. This is the first thing that we must instill into students. We don’t have any other option. Once we see and experience that the Lord is good, students never go back. Without this tension of dependency, we won’t root deep enough. Do I understand that I am bankrupt without God?
  2. spiritual Contrition: Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. If we don’t have someone leading us and guiding us, we won’t be able to see beyond our grief and into the kingdom value of hope. I could be so great if I would allow God to lead and guide me. If I submit to his leadership I will be able to be an overcomer. The blessing is not in the mourning, it is in the comforting. I need to run out of coping mechanisms. Sarcasm. Anger. Pride. Food.
  3. Spiritual Humility: Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth. Jesus was meek, but he was far from mild. Jesus was not wimpy. Jesus has created something of strength for us. Meek, but not mild. So, what does meek mean? A warhorse under complete control. It is called discipline. So it can be in direction and control. That is what can bring change! That is power. We are not into crushing spirits. We are into directing lives into devotion. The spirit of what we do has to be right.
  4. Spiritual Aspiration: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Those who are blessed are those who see this, know this and walk in it. Some of our job is to be patient, to be understanding. Be understanding while being misunderstood until their is understanding. We have to pattern for our youth someone who is hungry for the things of the Lord.

Four Social Qualities:

  1. Compassionate in Spirit: We can develop these things through serving and by missions. It is possible to serve the Lord and, yet, to have no mercy or compassion. We have to be able to create opportunities by which young people are able to walk in compassionate action. Can we raise up a generation that wants to do more than give money: they change the world.
  2. Pure in Heart: If we are sincere, than we will see God. Repentance is the crux…We have to model it. We have to know and be known. That will illuminate paths.
  3. Reoncillitory Spirit: We have to exist as peacemakers. We have to those who can go into a volatile situation and reconcile it. We have to be strong in young people’s lives. We have to be able to lay it on the line. We have to be able to congruent the hard things in their lives. It will be tough, awkward and complicated, but it will change their lives. Not just a promoter of peace, but a creator of peace.
  4. Unswerving Loyalty: We will suffer for Christ, but that suffering will produce hope.

God wants us to give it all away. Are we giving it all?


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