November 12, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

God has called you to something greater! He has called you to relationship with him because he loves you so much. Your salvation is unique, it is special and worthy of your gratefulness. You have been given a gift. God chose to have you born in this generation, a generation of blessing. You are blessed. The enemy would like to deceive you. He would like to try to tell you that you don’t have much, he would like for you to stare at your feet in an attitude of defeat or despair. However, we know that you have been blessed. Maybe you don’t feel especially blessed right now. Perhaps you are encountering difficulty. Or maybe there are reasons for you to gripe and moan. Whatever the case may be, know this: you have been chosen to serve the Creator. You have been destined to rise above any difficulty that will come your way. Your peace comes from heaven, your purpose from God himself and your preoccupation is to be with Jesus. Many things will compete for your attention, many people will look down on your priorities and many will disdain you as a follower of Jesus. But this is your response: You are loved, so you will love, you are forgiven, so you will forgive, you are blessed, so you will be a blessing to all you come in contact with. And, hear this: Your love does not end with those who are lovable, but, by the command of our commander, Jesus himself, you are called to love the unlovable, to forgive the unforgivable and not only to smile at your enemies, but to pray for them, to account yourself as no greater, for Jesus is the lifter of your head, and you by yourself, will never rise above the strain or the pain of the world. Me, myself and I have died to Him. I now accept his call, relish his teaching and choose to live in freedom that he gives me. Through faith I will do what is impossible. Through hope I will endure all things. And through love, I will be a blessing to every person that I meet. The Spirit will lead me, His word will guide me and the Lord Jesus himself will remain the head if his church because I have relegated myself to be what I am called to be. I am a workman for Jesus. He said that the harvest is ripe for picking, so I choose to reap the harvest. And I choose to neglect the things that prohibit me from being a harvester. I recognize that money, fame and power can be tools to gather the harvest, but if they are not kept in their proper perspective and place under the Lordship of Jesus, they themselves become idols. And I will serve no other god other than God himself. This God is the God of yesterday, of 100 years ago, is the God of the Dark ages, the God of New Testament, the God that existed between testaments and he is the God of David, of Jonah, of Abraham, of Moses, and the God of Job. Just as they were called, chosen and set apart, so am I! I know that his call is tough, that I will encounter trials, and just like Job, I may have it all, but have it all taken away! Either way, in blessing and in persecution I will be counted as a faithful follower of the One True God. I won’t waiver because he doesn’t waiver, I won’t question his call, because he makes the rules, sets the boundaries and simply asks me to give up all that I am to follow him. I am on a journey! I am on a voyage into the unknown. I don’t know what lies around the corner, but I know that my captain is Jesus and together, we as the Body of Christ will not fail!

Will you join me? Will you walk Wide Awake in this world? Will you choose to be a blessing to all that you come into contact with?


One thought on “Preachin!

  1. Grammy says:

    I am so challenged by your statement of faith…and YES, I want to join you on the walk with Jesus, to know Him and trust Him and be ALL that He challenges us to be. We are so proud of the model you have chosen to be. Couldn’t be prouder. May we all take up the challenge and walk with our heads held high, our hearts full of joy, and our mouths filled with praise to our heavenly Father.

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