May 29, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

Life doesn’t seem to slow down.  I have been very busy as of late and it isn’t going to be letting up any time soon.

Do any of you find yourselves running and running and never seeming to catch up?  Often I find that to be true for me.

God seems to be giving me and my family the grace to be able to handle it!  Everyone is in good spirits!

BTW: I am still not consuming caffiene!  I fall asleep easier, but still wake up once or twice a week at 3 or 4 am and can’t sleep (maybe it is the stress of life).



2 thoughts on “Busyness

  1. Grammy says:

    Maybe it’s inherited…sorry…

  2. Hi Isaac,
    Going from busy to busier can have its high and low moments.

    In my humble opinion, it is always important to make sure that those important things, like eating, health and family are not but on the back burner.

    Hope all continues well,

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