May 13, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

I am sitting and waiting for a friend to show for a meeting.  We miscommunicated about the time of the meeting so I am sitting and waiting.  I don’t like to wait.  I don’t like it when people are late.  My immediate reaction is to believe that it is the other person’s fault.  (I use a calendar and really try to honor people’s time)


There have been 2 meetings during the last week that I wrote down the wrong time for.  So maybe this morning as I write, it is my fault. 


I am feeling a bit on edge because I was up late last night.  My wife and I had the deepest theological/ecclesiastical conversation that we have had in a long time.  She really has some big questions that she doesn’t even know she has.  She wants it (religion/God) to be simple and laid out for her, but can’t stand the way that it comes out when it is reduced as such. 

She thinks that it is her fault and that she just needs to adjust, but I believe that she is a victim of the system.

Do you ever just want to run from your religion?  Do you address your doubts and fears?  Do you ever feel that people are missing the point?  That people aren’t really being challenged to grow?  That people are just playing along in the game, thinking that by observing and casually engaging they are really growing and becoming who they are supposed to be?  Do these questions ever scream at you?

Questions don’t scream at me anymore. 

They quietly sit in the corner, satisfied to be known and happy when they are acknowledged.  Sometimes, however, they tap me on the shoulder and remind me that everything is not perfect, not ok and, sometimes:

Just plain wrong.


6 thoughts on “Late-Late-late

  1. Grammy says:

    Yes, yes and no,yes, yes, yes and yes.

    I hope you had a good meeting.

    No time to say more…But hopefully later.

  2. Grammy says:

    I like it that you reflect my heart on the topic of late, late, late. Makes me smile…(I won’t say you’re just like your mother because I know that grates on some…)

  3. Bridger says:

    Thanks mom…

    I am not always so early and on time, but thanks for infusing within me a sense of timliness.


  4. Mrs F says:

    Hey that is great you had a deep conversation with your wife. Discussion is so good. And it is so safe when it is with your spouse (or it should be). Sometimes people just are not honest and real about what they are feeling. Honesty and questioning is hard to come by today, because of shock or offending. When we are honest it allows Holy Spirit to have an avenue to reveal truth. It is when we are humble, recongnizing we don’t know everything, and don’t have the answers that God can work. Man us humans are stubborn. Anyways, I think I am a mix of mom and dad, early and late…bummer. 🙂

  5. Mandy says:

    ” Do you ever feel that people are missing the point? That people aren’t really being challenged to grow? That people are just playing along in the game, thinking that by observing and casually engaging they are really growing and becoming who they are supposed to be?”

    It is scary for me to admit to anyone other than my husband that this is me.
    I’m not being challenged.
    I’m not growing.
    I’m just playing along in the game.
    The good part is that I’m not thinking that “by observing and casually engaging” that I’m really growing. I am aware of my lacking and I want it to change.
    The bad part is, I’m having a hard time starting the process to this change. And I know if I could just get there, so many pieces of life would fall into place, instead I’m attempting to creatively juggle them all at once, and in turn, making a HORRIBLE mess on the floor.

    Though we have probably butted heads a time or two Isaac, I have ALWAYS admired your honesty and humilty. You are not afraid to let others know that you’re not perfect and that is one of your most admirable qualities. I am glad we are friends!

  6. Bridger says:


    Thanks for your kind words! I know that this journey is tough…

    I know that we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I have always appreciated the fact that you have listened and respected me.

    You and Kenton are good friends. We need to get toghether soon!



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