Hella Sick


May 11, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

I was sick for the last couple of days and very busy with another project. (Not a good combination). Thank you to those of you who have recently posted comments. I hope to be able to respond soon.

I am neck deep in the middle of a lot of thought and discussion about HELL. I have grown up Christian and, up until a couple years ago, never gave it much thought. It wasn’t where I was going in my mind, so I left it for the Satanists and sinners to figure out.

Pretty Lame, Huh?

Now I am questioning and pondering and beginning to develop a project for The Bridge, which will address our understanding. I might be setting myself up to be lambasted and spit upon, but who the hell else is talking about it? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) It seems to be one of those things that we accept without thinking about.

So, I would love for more of you to share your thoughts on “eternal, conscious damnation.” What is the point? Who goes there? Why? How would a loving God send people to be punished forever? Or, is it forever?

Please share with me your thoughts, I am not going to argue with any of you, I just want to hear where you are all coming from. Feel free to be anonymous if you so desire.

UPDATE: Please read this book for some great discussion on this “hot topic”


6 thoughts on “Hella Sick

  1. Hope you feel better, Mr. Bridger.

    Just a thought: Rather than worrying about where you might be going in the future, perhaps some time, energy and thought could be spent on enjoying where you are in the moment.

    I have seen those pictures of your beautiful family, and appreciate all of your own provocative comments and future.

    Staying in the present, instead of trying to figure out where we are or where we might end up (heaven, hell or limbo) are worth a great bit indeed.

  2. Bridger says:


    Thanks for your ever thoughtful comments.

    I guess I need to process this, not for my own good, but so that those that I lead and influence can be done right. In the circles that I run in this is a part of the thought of life. I have to reconcile myself to something so that I can walk out this life.

    (It is my secret belief/suspicion that our Dante-ess perception of hell is keeping people at a distance from God rather than “deterring” them to him.

    Thanks again for the compliment to my family. I am blessed and take your words to heart.

    Just last night, in fact, I missed out on some time with my wife because I was engrossed with this hell-project. You have reminded me to keep the main thing the main thing.

    Thanks for being a friend.

  3. You are welcome!

    I think that you will lead well, by example, from what I read.

    Rather than focusing on the hell issue, make the God issue more important. Just a suggestion!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can’t think of anything more “Hellish” than being separated from the presence of God; not having the hope of eternal (a very long time) fellowship with my Father God. I don’t believe I will have my own portable cloud and own a harp (althoughI LOVE the instrument and would love to have one played at my funeral – since I’ve already done the wedding-thing..) but I do believe that I have the “now” relationship with my Savior that will allow me to enjoy “after-and-eternal” relationship/presence with God. Didn’t Jesus mention more than once the place where there is torment and gnashing of teeth? I’ll opt for his lap…

  5. Bridger says:

    Thank you for the comment.

    Yes, if there is a choice I would like to be not in hell.

  6. Bridger… two thoughts.
    someplace in the NT (sorry, I don’t recall where) there is a very subtle distinction made between Everlasting life and Eternal damnation. Everlasting (I believe) is translated as meaning “going on and on deep into the unforeseeable future. To continue indefinitely” Eternal, on the other hand, was defined as “Unchanging”. The profound difference seems too deliberate to ignore. I’d like to re-read that and understand it better.

    2) If God has offered us our own Free will… then he will honor our choice by not making us spend forever with someone we don’t like (Himself). Hell in that case, is God being faithful to His own commitment to honor the will of the created… against His preference.. contrary to His own desire.

    Barbara from California: Though I think this is an important discussion… I agree that too often we (christian people in christian culture) get side tracked from the substance of life by theological rabbit trails. Someplace it is a comfortable place to hide from reality.

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