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April 25, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

I met 5 new people last night. 

::Pause for another Longbottom Coffee Push – Go there.  Bless them because they are blessing The Bridge::  //” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

People are bringing their friends.  That says a lot.  I learned last night.  I learned something more about other people.  I heard people say what they felt.  I had a chance to get to know people that I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to.  People have a lot to offer and we are simply trying to give them the opportunity. 

I am surprised by how deep people are.  I shouldn’t be, but I am.

So, I think it went okay.  We aren’t perfect (obviously), but people seem to be really enjoying our concept.  It is different than most Christian ministries that I have been a part of.  It is exciting.  That favourite friend and I really feel like we are up to something big.  I expect great things from The Bridge. 

For anyone wondering here is some text from some of our vision statements:

What #1

The Bridge exists to provide a physical location by which people, who aren’t familiar with the culture, customs or traditions of church, can feel comfortable.  So we are meeting at a coffeeshop.


Most Christians are comfortable inside a church, but many pre-Christians are not.  As our culture becomes increasingly post-Christian or, perhaps, post-Church, we are attempting to merge the comfortable and familiar environment of the coffeeshop with the message of Jesus simply by moving the location away from the physical building of Evergreen Christian Center.  We intend to reach a group of people who, beyond a wedding or funeral, would never step inside a church.

What #2

The Bridge exists to provide information, speculation and conversation on (1) Spiritual/Christian topics and (2) relevant, divisive issues of our age.


As our culture moves to being post-Christian, people encounter a variety of influences and competing philosophies.  While there are some who choose to explore the deeper meanings of life, most people do not have the time, energy or context to arrive at thoughtful spiritual conclusions.  Therefore, in innocent ignorance, these people often conclude that all spiritual models are equal.  However, many people want to talk about spirituality and subsequent moral issues, but don’t have a focused context in which to do that.  The Bridge will be just that; a place for concentrated discussion about a variety of pertinent topics.  Here are a few examples:

·       Homosexuality – What is the big deal and why are (some/many) Christians so mean about it?

·       Can religion live without politics?

·       Is God a democrat, republican or does he really care?

·       The environment – should Christians care?

·       Who was Jesus?  Who is Jesus?

·       What does it mean to follow Jesus? 

·       Why is church so weird?

All of these issues have created a distance between the secular world and Christians.  However, when approached thoughtfully and politely, each one of these issues can create a dialogue between people who might not otherwise even talk to each other.  At The Bridge we will not be threatened by different opinions, even if they are opposite to a typical Christian point of view.  Instead, we exist to listen to people and thereby assist them in their journey to God.


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