Finding Me


April 17, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

I have asked the question before:

What am I supposed to be in this life?

During the last couple of days I have found some deep answers.

If you haven’t seen Finding Neverland you should. You must. I urge you in view of God’s mercy to offer your 329 pennies to your local Blockbuster, holy and pure (wash the pennies first) in exchange for 106 minutes that may change your life.

I thought that I may just write a review about this movie, but I won’t do that. For me it was not watching a movie. It was listening to God talk to me. God shared with me that I am to be the very best father that I can be. I am to be what I have always dreamnt and thought that I am supposed to be. I am going to ramble a bit, but please bear with me.

I have always loved to dream, to hope and to imagine. When I have pictured myself as a father I always have seen myself opening up my kid’s imagination. To walk in their fantasies with them, to instill excitement for all of life and to encourage their little minds to learn to see beyond being an adult. I have always longed for them to love every part of life. Not as an adult does, but as a kid would. I don’t want them to appreciate a Toyota Camry because it is a functional, affordable car, but I want them to see it as the carriage that takes them to the places where their dreams come true. Ball games. Ballets. New parks. New Hiking Trails. Special Dates. Unique adventures. Let their life be filled with imagination.

I married a couple this weekend. I felt so comfortable. It went good. I didn’t suck. I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t out of place. Even though I sometimes question what I am presently doing, I find myself doing what I have always dreamed doing. Not marrying people, but leading from the front. Taking people where they can’t go on their own. Teaching, guiding and loving people through all aspects of life. I have felt the same when I presided over the 2 memorial services that I have done.

I am grateful for some amount of clarity.

Jerry Cook spoke at our church this weekend. Boy, oh boy was it good. It was the best message that I have ever heard live. No kidding. People like that can talk for days . . . him going long wouldn’t ever upset me.

Here is a quote (a teaser if you will) from his message:

For many, many generations [people in the church] saw the people outside its doors as the enemy and divided their world into us and them and set about to set the world straight. Don’t do that. Because when you act that way there’s no God to back you because God didn’t act that way. You can’t do that in his name because he never did that. You can’t do “in my name” what I’ve never done. That is why it is always destructive.

Jerry affirmed a lot of what we are trying to accomplish at “The Bridge.” I am so grateful.

All said and done I feel like God spoke loudly to me all weekend.



2 thoughts on “Finding Me

  1. Grammy says:

    Your children are blessed to ride every day in a carriage with their daddy…You are a great and creative daddy/mommy duo. We’re excited to go on adventures with the kids when they come to visit us…so spark it big! The adventures will go way beyond your home borders…

  2. “Taking people where they can’t go on their own.” I think that phrase captures a lot of what you seem to be communicating throughout your entry. It’s also something that resonates strongly in me. There is a huge joy in seeing someone(s) arrive at a place they long to be, but don’t know can actually exist. I guess that’s also what I want someone to do for me.
    It’s something (in very tangible ways) that Jesus Christ has done in my life. I am so thankful for the amazing amount of life that He has granted to me… in spite of my unfaithfulness, and even unwillingness to cooperate along the way. I am extra thankful for the moments of clarity that can make the world more beautiful than I thought possible.

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