Not enough time!


April 13, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

I just want to say that blogging is so important to me, but I haven’t had the time to put into it lately.


I wish that I had 2 hours every day to write, to design and publish this gosh-darn thing.

Tallskinnykiwi has recently written about a guy who blogs 25 times a day . . . and . . .

He MAKES $100,000 a year doing it.

That is the job that I need. More time . . . more money . . . more blogging . . . more . . . more . . .

That is all I really want is more. Rather selfish, huh?

By the way, how are we all doing with our consumerism? (Yes, in the midst of my envy of another’s money, I will be so blod as to ask about your problem)

I have to admit that about once a month I get a craving to buy something that I don’t really need. More importantly, in those moments of greed, I forget about fellow humanity on the other side of the globe. (Or right down the street on the Mexican side of town . . . seriously, I am not making a joke).

I long to grow . . . but real growth (like an oak tree) is slow . . . So I am still here and kicking . . . fighting myself, fighting addictions, fighting to be known, but at the same time, trying to be humble, trying to die to me and live for you . . . (thanks to Jessamyn for this one).

Live for you. Not for me. Everything that I do affects you. I am not alone . . . I am a part of an organism . . . I have a role to play.

Anyway . . thoughts from a caffeine deprived, tired, a little stressed sojourner . . . (yes I have given up on caffeine . . . too little sleep)


2 thoughts on “Not enough time!

  1. Glass says:

    If I just had a 55 inch HDTV flat screen life would be so much better. I mean, c’mon I could have the high schoolers over for movie nights and PS2 or XBox nights…really it would be to serve.
    Sometimes I want stuff so bad and my consumerism (big word) reaches a peak. Then all I have to do is take a look at Kaeden (my 21 month old) to see his joy that he has in a big card board box.
    Then again, a big screen TV does have a really huge box…

  2. I’m starting to read through “Man in the Mirror” with a few other guys. In Chapter 2 the writer explains the history, logic, and consequences (statistically) of Consumerism as an economic system and its impact on our culture. It makes so much sense… and at the very same time its fallacies are blindingly clear. Consumerism can only work in a culture that allows lying to be normal.
    Consumerism invites us to believe things that are easy to believe on one hand… and mercilessly cruel on the other. That we all “deserve” the perfect life…. but we are never allowed to actually get there.
    Deserve is a word that can only be used in connection with pride. A perfect life has only happened one time… and it didn’t look anything like a skin-cream ad.
    I’m guilty too.

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