My Girl


March 27, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

I wish I had words to express how much I love my wife. Not every guy gets a girl as wonderful as she is. She possesses beauty, grace and fire! Although we have been through some tough times I know that she is the only one for me. I hope that all of you feel as lucky or get as lucky as me.

Dear Mrs. –

I look forward to the rest of our lives together. I an only hope that someday I will be worthy of you. Your courage, endurance and determination in all circumstances, big or small, amaze me. Although I don’t say it enough, you are my girl. You are the one. Thanks for hanging in there with a guys who, simply put, can be a real jerk. I want you to know that I still notice you, I still love you and will always fight for you.

I love you.



5 thoughts on “My Girl

  1. Adrienne says:


  2. Peri says:

    That is awesome!

  3. Grammy says:

    Son, I hope you told her to read your blog…:) You truly are a blessed man and we are blessed parents-in-law. We love you! And we love Mrs.!

  4. Grammy says:

    PS…She’s such a BEAUTY!!!

  5. CLMUandAHS says:

    What a joy to see her picture, to hear your words of love, and your public testimony of who she is. I totally concur and agree with “Grammy” that she should be encouraged to read this! Thank you, son, I enjoyed reading this to Pappy, with tears, of course…and he lovingly chuckled at my getting a “warm fuzzy” from the computer that has given tears of frustration lately…all thanks to you!!! We think you’re pretty special and that Donia’s blessed, too. By the way, you so openly express your weaknesses (and your openness and willingness to be vulnerable blesses me) but I pray that His Grace will just pour into you each time and help you to see yourself as He does (and we do)!!!

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