March 9, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

I woke up today feeling like it would be a good day. I was scheduled for an important planning meeting with one of my favorite people at my favorite coffeeshop. Not long into the meeting, however, my day started to turn sour. It wasn’t the company, the atmosphere or the empty coffee cup I was staring into. The sourness stemmed from the pressure of an upcoming responsibility that I felt I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish. Simply put, I began to despair that, without even trying, I was destined to fail.

This favorite person and I are venturing out on an experiment. Our goal is to create an atmosphere in which people will be given room to discuss spiritual issues and a variety of pressing topics. This format will be very different from anything that we have done before, and therefore, is feeling overwhelming. Just the task of explaining our heart, reason and plan to a small group of people caused this premonition of failure. After my friend and I concluded our meeting, I felt about as confident as a pimply, voice cracking, pubescent teenager.

Then, wouldn’t you know, my older sister popped up on Messenger. We chatted for a moment and I asked here to pray for me. She did and then a few minutes later said she had a picture come to her while she was praying. Here is that picture:

“The first thing I saw was a candle burning right in front of me–this was a picture in the first person point of view. I was holding the candle; it was the kind that was from days before electricity that was white and held in place on a gold candleholder (you know the kind where there is a curl upward on the side to grasp onto it). It reminded me of A Christmas Carol. Anyway, as I started to look around at where I was walking, I saw that I was in a place very similar to an old cathedral. It was very dark (except for the candle light) and obviously hadn’t been used or occupied for a very long time. There was a thick layer of dust and dirt everywhere, with cobwebs above me and spiders running below my feet. But everything, including the gold-edged tapestries and white and gold pews, was perfectly intact. It had been deserted somehow and left unoccupied long ago, but there was the sense that a very glorious and holy presence had been here once before. I don’t know what to interpret this as–and don’t necessarily feel led to–but in the context of how I was praying and where you are at, it seems to fit. You are on a journey of reclaiming for the Lord what has been stolen.”

Well, who am I to argue with a picture from God? Immediately I was encouraged. Encouraged that God cares enough for little me to send along a little encouragement when I needed it most.

I write about this because these are the little things that we forget about after just a few days. God is constantly intervening into our lives, changing our circumstances on our behalf and renewing our strength, but so often we forget, or more often, give credit to the mysterious power of happenchance. Today I choose not to forget, but instead to publish a little Word that countered a little problem that I had with a little fear.


One thought on “Failing

  1. Grammy says:

    What a gift…and what a great reminder of how God is really up on things…like Instant Messengers…:) He sent an “angel” of love to you, to encourage you in your moment of need. We are so blessed. Beyond words or thoughts.

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