The Days are Getting Sunny


March 4, 2005 by Isaac Hovet

Did we have winter this year? I know that the east coast has felt the wintry blast, but here in Oregon where our winters are known to be wet, I have seen a lot of sun. Something is awry.

This year I missed the winter. Winter is always a special time of getting cold, but then warming up. A time for getting each other’s sicknesses only because we are forced into more confined spaces. I don’t complain about being sick if I know that I am because I am actually talking to other people. Us Oregonians are awfully individualistic (stems from our pioneer “I’ll do it my way” heritage), so they way I see it God brings rain and temperatures hovering just above freezing so that we HAVE to relate to others. Without these “inconveniences” many of us would retreat to the foothills of the Cascades to sip our Starbuck’s or smoke our home grown weed, depending on YOUR convictions (just some more individualism for you).

It isn’t that I don’t like sunshine. When the sun is out we are afforded many opportunities that our typical winter disallows. We get to shed our raincoats and Columbia outerwear and parade around in shorts with Hawaiian prints or tank tops. We aren’t really fooling anyone, though. Our complaints about temperatures above 80, our shockingly white skin and boasting about our “wet winters” make it pretty obvious that we are just pretenders. Pretending to know about the life under the sun. Maybe we should stop being pretentious and let our neighbors to the south be the experts on sun. Most of us, although it would force us to share our coffee with another, prefer the rain and cloud cover. I guess that is me. So if you see a 6’4″ blonde guy parading around Washington County pretending to know something about the sun, tap him on the shoulder, give him a knowing look and share your vanilla latte.


2 thoughts on “The Days are Getting Sunny

  1. Jeff Glass says:

    I was sitting at a starbucks in Beaverton when I noticed a 6’4″ blonde guy walking past the door. It was a beautiful sunny Oregon day and straight out of the description this strapping young man wore khaki cargo shorts, a blue hawaian printed shirt, flip flops and a tan Dave Matthews Band “Established 1990″ visor. This was my opportunity that I had so anxiously awaited.

    With my chin high, a gleam in my eye and a spring in my step I quickly headed out the door to catch this 6’4” blonde guy. I approached him from behind and tapped on his shoulder. With a “knowing look” and gentle spirit so ready to share I proudly announced, “Would you care for a sip of my Grande-Non fat-no foam-two pump-sugar free-vanilla latte?”

    When I came too, I saw what had to be an angel. As my vision reset itself from the debilitating blow to the face, I realized that this angel was the Starbucks barista using a freshly ground turkish blend to awaken me from my black out. The next thing I noticed was that my wallet as well as my Grande-Non fat-no foam-two pump-sugar free-vanilla latte was missing.

    This serves as a warning to those in the Washington County area. Please be on the lookout for a 6’4″ blond guy in summer attire. Use extreme caution, and keep all Starbucks coffee cups out of his reach.

  2. Barista says:

    Well said . . . I don’t know that he would always be so aggresive, but you do well to advise the West Portland area.

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